Significant Performance

1、IEEE Senior Member

2、Project chairman of the Operation Planning on Assistant to Universities to Improve Youngman Getting Jobs Abilities---Setting the Colleges Occupation Approach and the Courses Learning Maps.

3、Reward a certificate for Participation and Valuable Contribution in 2010 International Conference on E-Commerce, E-Administration, E-Society, E-Education, and E-Technology. (E-CASE & E-Tech 2010 Macau)

4、Project chairman of the Real-Time Prevent Medical Diseases Online System. (Yuanpei University and Homechu Information Company)

5、Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Image Processing And Communication (JIPC)

6、Chairman of the 2009 Conference on Computer Science and Information Engineering Applications.

7、Instructor to get the Accreditation Certificate of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering for Yuanpei University from the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan Accreditation Council (No. 2008Y016 from August 1, 2007 to July 31, 2011)

8、Chairman of the 2008 Conference on Computer Science and Information Engineering Applications

9、Chairman of the 2008 Scientific and Educational Cooperation Forum on Computer Science and Information Engineering Applications.

10、Reviewer for Neural Computing & Applications Journal.

11、Reviewer for Journal of Computers and Electrical Engineering.

12、Reviewer for WSEAS.

13、Sub-Project chairman of the Excellent Teaching Planning---Informatization Learning Environment. (Ministry of Education )

14、Chairman of the 2006 Conference on Computer Science and Information Engineering Applications.( Yupei University 2006.7)

15、Review commissioner of the Nursing & Healthcare Forum and innovating& research presentation of Technological Schools of Healthy Taiwan 2006. ( Ministry of Education and Markay Medicine, Nursing and Management College )

16、Chairman of the 2005 Conference on Computer Science and Information Engineering Applications.

17、Managing Supervisor of the Information Service Association of Chinese Colleges.

18、Review Commissioner of the Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C. (Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C. )

19、Project chairman of the Setting M-Learning Center to Improve the Department of Information Management Teaching Quality. (Ministry of Education,)

20、Reviewer for IJCAT.

21、Instruction commissioner of the National Informational application skills competition of 2002 Information Month. (Information Month Activity Committee )

22、Oral exam. Commissioner of the Information Management Graduate School of National Chiao Tung University.

23、Chairman of the New Century Prospect International Science Conference on Information Management. ( Ming Chuan University 2000.3)

24、Name lists in the Small and Medium Business Professional and Talent Database of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. (2000.5~Now)

25、Project chairman of Information Education Research and Study Planning. (Miaoli County Government )

26、The 13th National Science Conference review commissioner. (TamKang University 2002)

27、Director of Chinese Society of Information Management.

28、Review commissioner of the 6th Conference Papers of Information Management Research and Practice. (National Chiao Tung University 2000)

29、Reviewer for Journal of Internet Technology. (National Dong Hwa University )

30、Super advisor of PoShun Business Consultant Company. (PoShun Business Consultant Company )

31、Honorary review Commissioner of the National Taiwan University Think Tank. (National Taiwan University Think Tank 1999.6)